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Dec & Jan Featured Artists

January Artist:

Michael Alvey.jpg

December Artist:

indigo mari ann artist.jpg

Michael Alvey


Encaustic Artist

Michael R. Alvey is a local Texas artist that moved into the area in 2015. 

Michael jokes he has been working with crayons since early childhood, but started creating art with crayons and wax in 2006.  Although his day to day job is in corporate video production and communications, he has a passion for art. Along with a Master’s degree in communication, Michael has a minor in art history and has studied drawing and oil painting for years.


Creating art with wax is called Encaustic and was developed by the ancient Greeks between 480-323 BC. The word Encaustic translates into “to burn in”.  Michael says “I feel that I have only scratched the surface with wax and can’t wait to experiment with more textures.”

He has traveled widely over the continental U.S., Mexico, Canada and Hawaii and tries to visit as many art museums along the way. 

Mari-Ann Keyser

Pan Pastel & Colored Pencil Artist

Originally from South Africa, Mari-Ann Keyser moved to the US with her family in 1991.  Before moving to Flower Mound, Mari-Ann lived in West Virginia.  She calls Flower Mound "home" after living here for 23 years. 

Mari-Ann loved to draw even at an early age, mostly working in graphite. After a long absence from the art, she picked up her pencils again and started working with colored pencils over graphite. “I am absolutely amazed at the work that can be achieved using colored pencils. They are a versatile medium on their own but can also be used with other mediums to create spectacular results – my favorite being Pan Pastels.” said Mari-Ann.

Today, she is a member of the Colored Pencil Society of North America and is affiliated with the Dallas/Chapter 224.   Mari-Ann likes to display her creativity by drawing animals and rescue pets in particular. In addition to volunteering
her time and talents to art, she is a volunteer with Humane Tomorrow (and has been for over 20 years). She prefers to draw from photographs as feels she can truly capture emotions better from photographs. Her talents are not limited to animal drawings; she also enjoys drawing landscapes and people.

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