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Yellow Frame Windows


Let's face it, sometimes our framed works of art have rough lives. Movers drop them, kids knock them off the wall or they get stored in the basement or the attic.  Bumps, bruises and broken frames need repairing.  Indigo Art & Framing can help with:

  • Replacing broken glass

  • Fixing broken frame corners

  • Touching up scratched or gouged frames

  • Adding a secure hanger

  • Securing loose pictures in the frame

  • Adding a new dust cover to the back

  • Re-attaching art that has slipped out of the mat opening

  • Replacing damaged mats or frames

Unfortunately, not all damaged art can be repaired.  If the damage is not fixable, our experts will help work with you to find the perfect replacement with a new frame that will compliment your artwork.  

Whatever you need, we can help!

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