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Kari Valles


Kari grew up outside of Houston, Texas, with a passion for creativity.  She has been a creative thinker and art lover since childhood.  She has enjoyed taking a variety of art classes throughout her life and still enjoys taking them to fulfill her love of learning.  She was prompted to start her art business in 2016 after a particularly inspirational abstract art workshop and her desire to create original pieces for her own home.  Within months, she was receiving steady requests for commissioned pieces. Every work involves layering a variety of techniques with acrylic paints, inks, glazes, and other mediums. This method is intended to create a unique combination of texture, color, emotion, and movement in each piece. The end result is sometimes tranquil, sometimes bold and gestural, and always a true original.

Kari lives in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with her husband, her two teenage sons, and a very furry white cat.

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