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Personalized Attention & Guidance For YOU!

Our goal is to provide the community with an unmatched customer experience.  That means 100% attention to detail for your project and quality materials at an affordable and fair price.  

We know you have options and we want to be your first choice.

As seasoned business owners with previous experience working for corporate framing businesses, we've learned that there was a lack of "relationship building" in the Art & Frame industry.  We knew that the experience could be improved but at the time, we were unable to make any of those changes.  So, we decided to open our own business where we have created an incredible team with a supportive environment where we have NO limitations.  This is truly where we are meant to be.

The Indigo Art & Framing Team is passionate about supporting the local community and creating a space where we can help local artists grow.  Our hearts are happy knowing that we can make a difference and build that connection with the community that we feel the industry is lacking.  

Welcome to Indigo Art & Framing where all are welcome. 

We can't wait to meet you!

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