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Still Life Painting Artwork


Conservation Framing or Preservation Framing involves using museum quality framing and it is done with the proper materials and techniques to preserve and protect your art so it will remain beautiful for generations to come.   

Did you know that when you buy a piece of matted artwork from an artist, it is likely matted with "regular" wood pulp material?  Wood pulp mats will damage your art over time, however, the look of matted art is preferred.  Most artists don’t have unlimited resources, so they do often use a lesser quality material. Artists realize that many people change the mat when they frame the art anyway.  An easy way to distinguish an “archival” mat from a “regular” one is to look at the bevel where the mat has been cut. If the interior of the mat is pure white, odds are that it is an “archival” mat. However, if the bevel is yellow or brown, you’ve got a “regular” wood pulp mat – a mat that will discolor and leave an acid burn on your artwork over time.  Conservation mats hold their colors much longer than "regular" or less expensive mats.   The Art & Frame industry is always creating new and exciting products that will truly help enhance AND protect your artwork and Indigo Art & Framing experts can provide you with the best suited look for you and that fits your budget.

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